UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women

From: Sep 16, 2015 | kbowman

The UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women is the nation's only center focused solely on research to address and prevent gender-based violence.

This video features the faculty who make up the CRVAW research team and six research projects.

Ann Coker leads the research team evaluating the Green Dot Bystander Program. A recent CDC-funded study in Kentucky high schools demonstrates the program reduces violence.

The University of Kentucky is leading the nation with data on sexual violence and campus safety, thanks to a groundbreaking survey (the C.A.T.S. survey) that includes all UK students.

Claire Renzetti and Diane Follingstad are collecting data to determine whether being involved in a horticulture program at a battered women’s shelter has therapeutic effects for women who have experienced abuse.

With virtual reality, Charles Carlson is evaluating whether training women in breathing techniques helps them to manage high-risk confrontations.

Center faculty want to create an online course to train nurses to accurately identify domestic victims of sex trafficking.

With NIH funding, Ann Coker is looking for ways to identify cancer patients with histories of abuse to see whether partner violence negatively impacts their cancer treatment and recovery.

Interviews include:

  • Diane R. Follingstad, Director & Women’s Circle Endowed Chair
, Professor in Psychiatry & Psychology
  • Ann L. Coker, Verizon Wireless Endowed Chair
, Professor in OB/GYN & Epidemiology
  • Claire M. Renzetti, Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair
, Chair & Professor in Sociology
  • Charles R. Carlson, Robert H. & Anna B. Culton Endowed Professor
, Professor in Psychology
  • Heather M. Bush, Kate Spade & Company Endowed Professor, Professor in Biostatistics

For more, visit the Center for Research on Violence Against Women at

Produced by Alicia P. Gregory, videography/direction by Chad Rumford & Ben Corwin (Research Communications)

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