van Nagell
Mar 27, 2017 | 109 views

John van Nagell focuses on better detection of ovarian cancer through the Ovarian Cancer Screening Program.

Thomas Guskey
Mar 20, 2017 | 177 views

Thomas Guskey conducts research on the way teachers grade and how they report that information to parents.

Aaron Garvey
Feb 21, 2017 | 424 views

Garvey's research focuses on how brands can have placebo effects on consumers.

Weisenberger Mill
Jan 23, 2017 | 630 views

Kinloch, Weisenberger Mill, and UK CAER have partnered together to adapt variable speed hydroelectric generators....

Jan 19, 2017 | 646 views

Glen Mays's research showed preventable deaths were 20% lower in communities with the strongest networks.

Rachel Hogg Graham
Jan 12, 2017 | 651 views

Rachel Hogg Graham looks at the effectiveness and characteristics of community health networks.

Michele Staton-Tindall
Jan 9, 2017 | 591 views

Michele Staton-Tindall focuses on drug use and high-risk behaviors in incarcerated women in Appalachia.

Yasir at Microscope
Dec 14, 2016 | 858 views

Yasir Al-Siraj's research explores sex chromosome effects on vascular biology and may lead to sex-specific...

Susan Odom
Dec 8, 2016 | 1,194 views

Susan Odom is developing organic compounds for next-generation batteries.